Youth Rocked the Vote

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To everyone who canvassed, phonebanked, pushed their friends and families out the door or otherwise put people at the polls; thank you. It’s your hard work that makes democracy happen. Regardless of any individual outcome, when young people are involved things are better. We’re in the middle of a struggle to prove that we’re interested, important and need to be considered. But we’re well on our way and nothing could make that clearer than fact that we actually voted yesterday.

So, in an incredibly important point on the future of American electoral politics.

National exit polls of more than 17,000 voters show a remarkable trend: Adults age 18-29 voted against the Republican Tsunami by 16 points (56-40). Younger adults age 18-24 were even more progressive, voting against Republicans by 19 points (58-39). The exit polls, conducted by Edison Research in association with AP and CNN found that:

* 18-29-year-olds voted for Democrats over Republicans by 16 points (56-40)

* 18-24-year-olds voted for Democrats over Republicans by 19 points (58-39)

Read the full, awesome article here.

And if you prefer Rock the Vote’s prosaic style, here‘s a similar point on how much we rock from them.