Young Gets It Done: Safety For Women – There’s An App For That!


The following was written by Preet Anand, creator of BlueLight

Screenshot of the BlueLight Application

Before creating BlueLight, I was the youngest Lead Product Manager in Zynga’s history. I had a hand in building games that were played by over 50 million people, but I wanted to create something that had a more fundamental impact. So, I created BlueLight, which makes it easier for young women to get help in a crisis by making the blue light networks on college campuses both functional and mobile.

We made BlueLight because of the statistics. Every 2 minutes, someone in the US is sexually assaulted. One in 4 women in college is victim of attempted sexual assault. Considering approximately 60% of all college students are women, this means 15% of ALL college students will graduate with a fractured world view. These were numbers told to me while sitting in a classroom for my college orientation. I couldn’t understand why people weren’t up in arms about this issue!  This strips young women of their dreams, their desire for adventure and exploration. We had to do something!

Jyoti Singh was barbarically raped and murdered this past December in Delhi, India. She was a physical therapy student, and on December 29th her light was extinguished. A future doctor was taken from us. Jyoti is not alone, and we needed to do something because the ripples of these events affect all of us.

BlueLight is our answer. Right now, when you call 911, dispatchers do not know who you are or where you are. It takes, on average, 45 seconds just for them to hear your location. BlueLight cuts this time down to approximately 5 seconds. If you’re not on a college campus, with the same 2 taps, BlueLight lets you notify three emergency contacts of your location.  Our hope is to bring safety and aid to women when it’s needed most.

We officially launched BlueLight on April 10th and are thrilled to see it in action.  It is currently available at select universities on the east and west coast, and the network will be expanded quickly.

Please reach out with any questions and please share our product with your friends & family. Stay tuned for more to come!