Young Gets It Done: Michael Fujinaka


But Michael Fujinaka is different. The second-year UCSD School of Medicine student spends his free time developing applications for iPhones. His first effort — an app called iMurmur that helps medical staffers learn how to detect troubling heartbeats — has become a big success.

Within a couple of days of its July 14 launch, the software shot to No. 2 on the list of best-selling medical apps on iTunes, the online store operated by iPhone maker Apple. It has remained in the top five ever since.

Two 25-year olds in graduate school at UC San Diego, Michael Fujinaka and Alan Gardner, developed this application on a whim, not expecting it to have 10,000 downloads in only a few months.

We know young people all over the world are making change, but it’s not often that I get to feature an old friend who taught me how to skateboard in my freshman year of college. Congrats on your success Fuj!

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