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Under our Young Gets It Done (YGID) banner here on the blog, we’ve posted about amazing feats accomplished by young people the world over. They’ve ranged from providing free, basic education using short YouTube videos to the boy who harnessed the wind to challenging the deterioration of civic education in America. During the Iranian protests of 2009, we changed the overall color scheme of our site to show solidarity with the opposition movement which drew much of its strength and numbers from young people.

It comes as no surprise that the brainchildren behind the recent Egyptian events are young people. Today’s cover story on the NY Times highlights the important and leading role Egyptian youth are playing in this remarkable movement:

“Most of us are under 30,” said Amr Ezz, a 27-year-old lawyer who was one of the group as part of the April 6 Youth Movement, which organized an earlier day of protests last week via Facebook. They were surprised and delighted to see that more than 90,000 people signed up online to participate, emboldening others to turn out and bringing tens of thousands of mostly young people into the streets.

Surprised by the turnout, older opposition leaders from across the spectrum — including the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood; the liberal protest group the Egyptian Movement for Change, known by its slogan, “Enough”; and the umbrella group organized by Dr. ElBaradei — joined in, vowing to turn out their supporters for another day of protest on Friday. But the same handful of young online organizers were still calling the shots.

Check out Al-Jazeera English’ livestream coverage on the events HERE.

NYTimes – Protests’s Old Guard Falls In Behind Young