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For more info on the Young Invincibles campaign, read our previous post. To refresh your memories:

It is time for young Americans to stand up for health care reform. Simply put, it is the most important policy issue for our generation.

There are over 13 million young Americans between the ages of 18 and 33 who do not have insurance.  We are the largest and fastest-growing segment of America’s uninsured population.  And millions more of us are at risk of losing the health care we do have, as our employers cut our benefits or, worse yet, our jobs.

The media sometimes labels us as “young invincibles,” as if health care is not something we need or care about.  Even the insurance industry uses that term.  We are an afterthought because, to us, health care is something we can deal with later.

But that’s not true.

Young people need healthcare, too. It’s time to flex our muscles again.  Take action by signing the Y.I. Want Change petition on Facebook now — it only takes a second: SIGN.