Whoops: Real Cuomo Website Linked to Fake Cuomo Twitter

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You had to figure something like this would eventually happen. Gannett’s Nick Reisman has the story:

Unfortunately for the real Cuomo twitter feed (@NYGovCuomo) which went live Saturday, the official state website for the governor links to the fake twitter account. NYCTheBlog is on the tweetgate case, but it remains unclear how the fake account was linked to by real website.

Still, it’s very easy to confuse the two at first glance. Both accounts use the same picture of Cuomo and have the same background.

Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto said he was aware of the problem and it was being fixed.  Just after 12:30, the link appeared to have been fixed.

To be clear: @NYGovernor is a parody. @NYGovCuomo is real.

Yeah, things can get confusing in the twitterverse! Wonder how many people have seen the @ShellySilver account for state Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and figured it was real, too?

(To be clear, @ShellySilver may be a work of comedic genius, but it’s not really Sheldon Silver.)