White Roof Project’s Change Maker Series: Interview with Manhattan Borough President Brewer

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Our friends over at the White Roof Project talk sustainability with Manhattan Borough President Brewer in their latest Change Maker series entry. The Change Maker series is a conversation with elected officials, nonprofit professionals, and environmental advocates working to mitigate climate change in creative and tangible ways.

White Roof Project: During the Bloomberg administration, sustainable building policy was a legislative priority. Do you think that sustainability standards will continue to be a major concern this year?

MBP Brewer: Yes, absolutely. Some major concerns include working with schools to make buildings more green. There needs to be more oversight. Sometimes it is as simple as making sure that lights and computers are turned off at night. Sometimes it is encouraging more intensive measures such as white roofing and solar. As a New York City Council Member I funded a lot of green houses and gardens. This is something that I am very interested in. The latter also speaks to issues of food insecurity. That is a big concern for Manhattan residents. Finally, I am always thinking about asthma and the health related effects of smog.”

Read the full interview here.