What Do You Do About Hate?


That’s the question we’re forced to face as we deal with the whole sad, absurd spectacle of the controversy over “Park51”, or, as it’s come to be known to the world, the “Ground Zero Mosque”.

Azi reports that Anthony Weiner, by calling it a distraction (which, in fairness, is exactly what it is) and changing the subject, “show[ed] Democrats how to sound authoritative, while changing the subject.”

As Azi points out, the NYT‘s editorial board went exactly the other way, declaring:

The country needs strong and sane voices to push back against the hatred and irrational fears. President Obama made a passionate defense of the mosque, but only once. Most Democratic politicians are ducking.

Against the crazy, is there any real way to win? If you do as the Times says and stand up to the crazy, you’ve just put yourself in the middle of an argument that should simply have no place in American politics, and you’ve let the cynical hatemongers who are stirring up the crazy put you right where they wanted to — in the middle of a nasty fight that distracts from all other priorities.

But if you don’t oppose the crazy, who will?

It’s an evil choice.