We Heart Our Birth Control!


Add this to your Valentine’s Day plans: February 14th is a day of action for birth control. Spread the word!

We saw the power of social media organizing when tons of people voiced their support online for Planned Parenthood, and we can bring the same energy to the birth control debate. What you can do:

Change your Facebook photo to the iheartbc logo!

Take pictures with these Valentines, tweet them to your representatives and use #iheartbc!

MYD Women's Issues Committee: Hands Off My Birth Control! (thanks to Jordan Reisner for taking the photo!)








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President Obama offered a  compromise on Friday that would not require religiously-affiliated institutions to include birth control in their health care plans, and instead, the health care insurers would have to offer free birth control coverage to women employed by these institutions. But conservatives and religious leaders are still fighting to eliminate birth control coverage entirely.

From the NOW-NYC Action Center:


1. Churches, synagogues, and places of worship are NOT being forced to cover birth control in their health plans. They are already exempt. Catholic leaders are pushing to block coverage to the hundreds of universities, hospitals, and charities that they operate. This would block birth control coverage for millions of women.

2.  No one is being mandated to use birth control. This just requires insurers to provide it as an option for women who want and need it.

3.  99% of women use contraception – including 98% of Catholic women. A majority of voters support birth control with no co-pays. Without this coverage, women will be forced to spend up to 68% more on out-of-pocket healthcare costs.

Make your voice in support of birth control heard!