Was Obama-Mania Too Trendy To Last?


Remember LiveStrong bracelets?  You know, those rubber yellow things from 2004?  If you didn’t have one, you were relegated to the class of the horribly-uncool.  Add the bonus of actually being a good cause to the cool factor, and you had a vastly successful charity campaign.  But now, do you ever see someone with a LiveStrong bracelet anymore?  Rarely.

Is Obama-mania like a trendy charity?

Sure we all had our buttons, lawn-signs (well, not in NYC, but you get my point), posters, t-shirts…the list goes on.  But where are they now?  More importantly, what happened to the intangibles like our thirst for change and motivation to turn America around?  Have they gone the way of the charity-rubber-bracelet trend?  The Times suggests, indeed, they may have.

…that fervor has died down — noticeably. And while young people remain the president’s most loyal supporters in opinion polls, a lot of people are wondering why that age group isn’t doing more to build upon their newfound reputation as political influencers.

Good question.  Why aren’t we doing more to help President Obama’s initiatives gain popular support?  Of all the hypotheses put forth by the Times, the most persuasive is that young people have a hard time translating how the big-picture issues like health care (something we as a cohort use very little of) directly impacts our lives or will  be impacted by our involvement.  I think we understood clearly how much the campaign needed our help to get to the White House but have not grasped how much that help is still needed.

Well, there will be no excuses after you’ve read this because MYD makes it really easy to have an impact! Here are a couple things you can do right now to help Obama and the progressive agenda move forward:

Call Senator Schumer and thank him for supporting the Public Option, and ask him to stand strong in his position — Finance Committee is voting on legislation TOMORROW!

Watch and share MoveOn’s video about Dawn, who was denied coverage from CIGNA to treat her brain tumor.

Submit a 30-second video to tell your personal story about why we need Healthcare Reform on the OFA website. Deadline is Oct 18.

Donate $10 to support an ad campaign in Maine to support ME. The opposition is pulling out all the stops and trying to pass something like Prop 8 — don’t let them do it!

Join New York Equality, a coalition brought together by MYD to fight for marriage equality right here in NY. We’re in a holding pattern until it is brought to the floor of the NY State Senate, but we’ll get you plugged in as soon as that happens.

There are always things to do, and most of them are super simple and only take a few minutes. So dust off that Obama pin and get clicking and calling, young’us–the country needs us!