Village Voice Coverage of Anniversary Party

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From the Village Voice blog: “Pedro Espada Gets Sushi Surprise From Manhattan Young Democrats“:

“We are Democrats, but we do not believe that just because someone has a ‘D’ next to their name they deserve our unwavering support!” yelled Harris, her voice booming down the quiet Beechwood Drive where Espada resides in a picturesque two-story dwelling that stands in contrast to the brick apartment buildings dotting his 33rd District. (Though Espada claims he lives in a Bronx cooperative, which Cuomo’s suit says is paid for with a stipend from his Soundview HealthCare Network, the 20 grand in Japanese takeout also outlined in that suit was delivered to his Mamaroneck address.)

So along with $4.95 pre-made California rolls purchased from a Manhattan Duane Reade, the group packed voter registration cards into their wicker delivery basket, just in case Espada wanted to reflect his real residence. “We also have a red mesh jersey because he played for the Republicans,” said Al Benninghoff, a Manhattan Young Democrats president emeritus.

Other goodies included the group’s riff on the Napoleon Dynamite campaign tee, a number of sushi takeout menus, a first aid kit (because Albany needs fixing), and a framed picture of Espada and Monserrate at a Yankee game. They fringed $2 million in play money, representing the amount of member-item cash that spurred the defection, around the basket.