Veto These Maps!

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Back in January the Manhattan Young Democrats joined with other Young Dem groups in the region to denounce the proposed redistricting maps and urge Governor Cuomo to veto the lines.

We applaud Governor Cuomo for stating publicly he will veto these proposed district lines, and it is our hope that he will keep to this promise for the good of New York State. We as Young Democrats will not stand idly by during this debate. We will continue to fight for an independent redistricting commission that will ensure fair and representative voting for all New Yorkers, regardless of party affiliation

Now the editorial pages of two major New York papers have also come out in support of a veto.

New York Times:

Gerrymandering is one of the main reasons for Albany’s stagnation and corruption. Districts are drawn to ensure the same politicians keep getting re-elected. Legislators, who know their leaders have guaranteed their jobs and perks, won’t dare to challenge their iron rule.

New York Daily News:

The judges can be trusted to do a far better job of mapmaking than Albany’s power-grabbing hacks can. That bunch could not reach an agreement because they draw district lines primarily to suit political needs. As a result, they embarrassed themselves by filing competing maps in court.

New Yorkers deserve a fair, independent redistricting process.  Anything less would be an affront to Democracy.  MYD renews its call for Governor Cuomo to veto the proposed lines, and for the formation of a non-partisan, independent redistricting commission.