Tuesday, April 30th: Come out for the NYSYD fundraiser!


The message below is from Glenn Oldhoff, President of the New York State Young Democrats.  Supporting them is supporting MYD – so hope to see you Tuesday night!


A quick reminder: if you’re in or around New York City, please come by our NYSYD fundraiser this Tuesday, April 30! This event is specifically to offset the cost of NationBuilder, our new, unified membership management system for NYSYD and any county chapters that want to opt-in.

Why is this important? It helps our chapters do more. Finally, NYSYD and any participating local chapters will have a member database and blast email system that talks with the voter filelinks up with social media, and has integrated events management and fundraising features. Just as important, it will give us control over our own data, and the stability of having our own relationship with the folks running the system.

Please join us on April 30 to help our chapters get started!

We’ll be at Central Bar, E. 9th St., in Manhattan on April 30 at 7pm. RSVP on Facebook or buy a ticket on ActBlue today! 


Glenn Oldhoff
President, New York State Young Democrats