Transportation Scavenger Hunt – WINNERS!


By: Ashley Emerole, Transportation Issues Committee Co-Chair

Last Saturday was a scorcher as we met by the Abraham Lincoln status in Union Square promptly at 1PM. As teams were divided up and given instructions, team MYD began to strategize. There were 35 clues which had to be deciphered, 3 hours to roam through the city via public transit – and running all without using Google to search.  This was truly the ultimate transportation committee challenge, and not only was MYD up for the challenge, but we came out victorious!


Thanks to MYD member Max Miller for participating, as well as Mimi Brownstone for her assistance.


Our strategy was to figure out all the clues, eliminate clues which would drag us too far from the finish line (Die Koelner Bierhalle in Downtown Brooklyn) by 4pm.  Once we mapped out our route, we hit the road.  Follow along with us – see how well you would have done!


Clue #1: Where can you whisper from 30′ away in a public  space and still be heard?


Answer: Grand Central Terminal by Oyster Bar!


Clue # 7: Get a photo of your team giving a high five to a uniformed/vested MTA employee/conductor.




Clue # 8: Where can you go to ‘drive’ a NYCT bus? Bonus points if you actually ‘drive’ the bus.


Answer: New York City Transit Museum!


Clue #11 Where does an old wooden ticket booth still remain in place?


Answer: New York City Transit Museum!


Clue #15: A lighthouse in Manhattan?


Answer: South Street Seaport!


Clue # 19: The only way to get from 23rd St to Christopher St for $2.25?


Answer: PATH Train!


Clue #21: Plan a subway trip on a giant tablet.


Yup, got it.


Clue #35: Go here for the future home of the Islanders.


Answer: Barclays Center!


It was a blast and we hope you’ll join us in reclaiming our title next summer!