Thought The MTA Was An Issue Last Year? Things Could Get Even More Interesting.


Ben Muessig at Gothamist is one among many reporting today that a fare hike jumping monthly metrocard rates to over $100 may be on the way.

Meanwhile, the Daily News reports that members of the Assembly are speaking out against the MTA’s threat to charge students to commute to school (right now students can commute for free).  All of this is against the backdrop of teachers unions and others getting ready for a rally today against the proposal to hit up half a million students for money to help plug the MTA’s shortfall.

Unfortunately, the $800 billion needed to plug the MTA’s budget gap is going to have to come from somewhere.  But taking money from students trying to get to school is, well, dumb.

We’re going to be hearing a lot more about this as the politics play out.  It’s no coincidence that the Transport Workers Union is running ads on 1010WINS this month.