The Real Way to Fix Congestion in New York City? Pass MOVE NY

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Perhaps the best thing to come out of this summer’s showdown between Mayor Bill de Blasio and Uber was this: the clash put the problem of congestion in New York City, once again, front and center. When Mayor de Blasio proposed a moratorium on the growth of Uber, he declared that it was necessary to address the growing number of cars on our city’s streets, and the congestion and maintenance costs they bring. Though the Mayor ultimately backed down from his position, accepting a four month study into the issue, he was right about one thing – we are in dire need of a plan to address ever increasing congestion in New York City. Luckily, a better, more holistic solution has already been proposed, and is gaining support from City and State representatives. New York City should adopt the MOVE NY Fair Tolling plan.

Manhattan Young Democrats have endorsed MOVE NY’s plan for several years. It will improve our city’s streets, address critical funding gaps for the MTA, and allow for the upkeep and expansion of our bridges, tunnels, roads, and public transit. As young New Yorkers, we know MOVE NY is a smart investment in our city’s future.

MOVE NY is a proposal to adjust toll prices on all bridges and tunnels in New York City to create a system that promotes economic growth, encourages smart transit choices, and is more equitable for commuters. Most broadly, the plan decreases tolls between the outer boroughs (e.g. on the Verrazano or the Triborough), and creates consistent pricing into the Manhattan core (below 59th St). See the full plan here. In effect, this will incentivize taking transit in areas where it is readily available, while reducing costs for those moving between less transit-rich areas of the city.

The benefits of this plan are myriad. The plan would improve travel times 15-20% in downtown Manhattan, improve safety and comfort for pedestrians, stimulate the regional economy (including adding 30,000 new jobs), and raise over $15 billion for the MTA. The new funding could be used to fill the MTA’s glaring budget gap and allow increased investment in disaster preparedness, road and bridge repairs, and expanding public transit. The benefits of the plan would improve lives today, and prepare the city for a stronger future.

Manhattan Young Democrats support the environmental, transportation, and safety ambitions of MOVE NY, and will work to bring on additional support from leaders throughout the city. If you’d like to get involved, send me an email:

For more information visit MoveNY website, or contact your local elected officials to voice your support.