The Power of MYD Committees

MYD Itself

Every chance I get I am always talking up MYD’s IOCs (Issue Oriented Committees.)  I first became really involved in MYD through the Environmental Committee.  We were a committed group of 4 people  who had the brilliant idea to host an Earth Day happy hour event on a rainy Monday night!  Needless to say, turnout was light – probably only about 20 people.

But one of those people was MYD member Juan Carlos who stopped by to hear NY Sierra Club president Dan Miner speak about something called “white roofs.”  Intrigued by the concept, he approached the Environmental Committee about creating a website to identify black roofs in Manhattan and paint them white.  With that, White Roof Project was born.

We decided that our first painting project should be for a non-profit, and the very first organization we reached out to  – Bowery Mission – accepted our offer.  In a period of about 3 weeks we went from never having heard the phrase “white roofs” to agreeing to paint 10,000 square feet of roof for one of New York City’s oldest charities!

Today White Roof Project is its own non-profit organization, and while it is no longer officially associated with MYD, we will always consider it our baby!

White Roof Project might be our most well-known success story, but all of our committees have produced terrific events.  A tri-boro bike safety ride, a state budget trivia night, a panel discussion on immigration…the list goes on.

Our committees offer wonderful opportunities for people who are passionate about a particular issue, but in order to be a part of it, you have to join.  So come to a meeting, you can find the schedule of upcoming meetings here:  And make sure to join a committee Facebook group: