The NY-23 Petri Dish

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While we are caught up with the Mayoral race here in NYC, one in which the Democratic Independent Republican candidate has personally spent more money than any other person in any other race in American history – there’s another NY race that’s getting more national attention: the congressional three way in NY-23. With Obama hovering around 50% in the US job approval polls the MSM cable news networks, tasked with bringing analysis to less than 2% of Americans, need a shiny new metric to measure the Obama administration so far. Somehow, replacing a Republican that Obama was able to woo to become his Secretary of the Army with another Republican means Obama is a steaming pile of socialist failure…

But the race is also getting legitimate attention for the way various conservative types have tripped over themselves to support the third party candidate over the Republican. People like Bobby Jindal hopeful Tim Pawlenty, Father Coughlin hopeful Glenn Beck, Ronald Reagan hopeful Fred Thompson, and Dan Quayle hopeful Sarah Palin have all weighed in on behalf of Doug Hoffman, the local proxy for the national conservative “grassroots” (as long as local means not actually living in NY-23). No offense to Democratic candidate Bill Owens, who MYD co-hosted a fundraiser for last week, but the Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava – aside from having the most vowel lover support – also had a really good shot to win. She’s got legislative experience, moderate viewpoints on social issues, and is running for a seat previously held by a similarly aligned Republican. But Hoffman lines up better on the “real” issues NY-23, and thus America, and thus FREEDOM, apparently face: gay marriage, ACORN, and being able to obtain Beck’s teary enthusiasm. In addition Hoffman declares in the self-introduction on his website:

In 1980, I helped Lake Placid with our Olympics when the US beat the Russians in hockey – the same year Reagan was elected. It’s time to send Washington a new message now.

New indeed. Perhaps the race in NY-20, which Democrat Scott Murphy won (in what at the time was of course a referendum on Obama’s first 70 days) was too early in the metamorphosis of the GOTP (T for Tea) for a more interesting conservative candidate to fringe into – but I agree with the sometimes shrewd Newt Gingrich in that if Hoffman wins it won’t be penicillin for the Republican Party’s woes:

this idea that we’re suddenly going to establish litmus tests, and all across the country, we’re going to purge the party of anybody who doesn’t agree with us 100 percent — that guarantees Obama’s reelection.

I think only a major scandal could possibly fire Obama in 2012, and I am not concerned with the impending 2010 races because I don’t think the Democrats will lose either majority, but the GOTP tacking to the right in a place like NY-23, even if Hoffman really does win the actual votes, just shows that the Republican Party is falling deeper into their ideological sinkhole. And to that I say: shine on you crazy conservative diamonds.

Then again according to the overly forthcoming barber who cut my hair last week I shouldn’t waste my time worrying, because apparently the world’s going to end in 2012… Maybe because Obama really is the Communist Hitler Anti-Christ Chipmunk.

I just hope I’ll be left behind to see how that all goes down…

Gingrich: NY-23 ‘purge’ ‘guarantees Obama’s reelection’ (Ben Smith @ Politico)