The Numbers Are In: 2011 is Going to Be Awesome!

MYD Itself

If our holiday party last week was any indication, 2011 is going to be a very good year around here.  2010 has been a big one and we got a lot accomplished.  But, so many members came back and new members joined at our holiday party that we now have the man power to outdo ourselves once again next year!

We had a packed house of 150 progressives and 125 of you  joined or renewed just on that one night.  Santa and Mrs. Claus helped us get in the  holiday spirit while Bill de Blasio and Gustavo Rivera got us fired up for the year ahead.  Mostly, we just enjoyed our friends-old and new (and, of course, that open bar).

So, as we move into that hazy time around Christmas and New Years, don’t forget about all the fun still to come!

If you are withdrawing from that election season buzz, you can get your fix with the MYD elections schedule HERE.

And get our upcoming events on your calendar early, check them out HERE.

And, if you didn’t get to join that night and now see all the fun you are missing, get in on it HERE.

Happy Holidays from MYD!

Photos by our resident photographic genius Jon Reznick.