The MLK Day Bomb Massacre That Never Was: Do You Know About It?


In what may go down as the most underreported story of the last year, on FBI officials confirmed last Tuesday that a bomb was discovered on the side of the road in Spokane, Washington where a large Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade was scheduled. The bomb – which some officials are calling “quite possibly the most sophisticated weapon ever found on American soil” – was found right before the parade marched, concealed in a black Swiss Army backpack, which was built to detonate by a remote control. No suspects have been found.

I watched the news all week to see if anyone was reporting on this story, and found scant coverage. Other than Rachel Maddow, few news stations felt this story deserved its time.

The FBI believes this the bomb was placed by a domestic American terrorist, which makes sense – al Qaeda isn’t trying to cause terror in little known places like Spokane, Washington. But it’s strange how underreported this story was. Imagine if the bomb had been placed by al Qaeda or by an “Islamic terrorist”? The news would have been blanketed with fear and Red Alerts.