The Mayor of Twitter

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Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been dubbed “The Mayor of Twitter” by Time Magazine, and with good reason.  For the past 3 days Booker has used his Twitter account to deilver much needed assistance to his snowed-in constituents.

He and his staff have bounced around Newark shoveling streets and sending plows to areas where residents said they were still snowed in. “Just doug [sic] a car out on Springfield Ave and broke the cardinal rule: ‘Lift with your Knees!!’ I think I left part of my back back there,” he reported in one message. One person let Booker know, via Twitter, that the snowy streets were preventing his sister from buying diapers. About an hour later, Booker was at the sister’s door, diapers in hand.
The article addresses the lack of social media savvy among the nation’s political elite:
Booker’s Twitter tactics have raised the bar for other local officials, and beg the question: In the aftermath of the snowpocalypse, are other northeastern officials grabbing a shovel and smart phone, and following Booker’s lead? It certainly doesn’t look like it.
In a time when social media tools like Facebook and Twitter are scoffed at by an older generation as narcissistic and useless, it’s nice to see a politician use them for the public good.