The Lawsuit Against Obama

Policy // Young Gets It Done

July 30th didn’t simply mark a new low for the 113th congress, but a new height in political irony.

Going on a month now, House Speaker John Boehner has sought a new way to impede the policy goals of our President, while simultaneously aiding GOP House and Senate campaigns throughout the Nation.

The solution finally came in the form of a lawsuit against the President for not strictly enforcing the Affordable Care Act, the very law the GOP has been trying to undermine since it was first proposed six years ago.

By calling attention to those parts of the Act not currently being actively enforced, specifically the mandate on employers who do not wish to provide health care coverage, House Republicans believe that they can speak to small business interests across the country in an important mid-term election year, while simultaneously stalling the President’s goals for essential legislation to move our country forward. I’m talking about student loan relief and immigration.

Key words used to date by GOP elected officials include tyranny, constitution (shredding of) illegality and impeachment.

But what’s the end goal here? Winning the lawsuit? Impeaching the President?

No. If fact, the two previous attempts to sue sitting presidents have been dismissed; two judges have ruled that members of Congress do not have the grounds to sue.

The true goal is to control the national political narrative so that Republicans don’t have to take stands on important issues facing our nation. As ridiculous as the lawsuit appears, it already succeeded – Congress adjourned for its five week summer recess without passing critical legislation that would address the mounting immigration crisis. Come November, you can bet your bottom dollar that the GOP will tag the Democrats with the blame for the fallout due to the failure to act.

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