The Evolution of Global Wealth and Health In 200 Countries, Over 200 years

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Swedish doctor and statistician Hans Rosling is known for his innovative approaches to breaking down complicated concepts in the realm of economic development and poverty in African, Asian and Latin American countries for audiences the world over. His latest work with BBC is arguably one of his best.

This kind of work is just the norm for this mild-mannered researcher. Dr. Rosling and his son Ola are the co-founders of Gapfinder, an award-wining software and research outfit that converts statistical information on international affairs into interactive maps. Their goal to inspire others to tackle projects in the same easy-to-digest model became more achievable with the sale of their software to Google in 2007 which subsequently led to the launch of Motion Chart, a precursor to the updated application, Google’s Public Data Explorer in 2009

For more on Dr. Rosling ( because I know I can’t get enough) here is a piece he did during a TED Talk conference on the growth of the world’s population.