The Era of Big Government Is Over*


*Except in New York!!

Not if our State Senate has anything to say about it.  Let’s face it, it’s time for even the most die-hard of Democrats to admit that big government is out and fiscal responsibility is in, even if it means whittling away at key social welfare programs like early childhood education. While most other states are using every resource they can find to plug the leaks in their budgets, New York legislators are just adding to the waterfall.

Bill Hammond says the “worthless State Senate,” which has rejected Paterson’s proposals to cut spending, will carry on funding overburdened, inefficient state programs until New York is functionally bankrupt.  He writes:

Rejecting virtually every one of Paterson’s modest midyear budget cuts, the Democrats instead propose to break open every piggy bank and run up every credit card to max – in a desperate attempt to keep the spending party going for a few more months.

This recipe for fiscal disaster was theoretically authored by Senate Finance Committee Chairman Carl Kruger (D-Brooklyn). But it might as well be the handiwork of the hospital lobby and the teachers union – whose talking points were parroted by Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson of Brooklyn.

Blame the legislators, blame the unions, blame anyone you want–it doesn’t change the reality that someone in this state needs to wise up and stop the spending-spree.  Governor Paterson has tried but, apparently, his words are not enough.  The Democratic party in this state is in dire need of a new generation and we at MYD should be the beginning of that.  Let’s start forming a new Democratic organization in New York that isn’t afraid to stand up to corrupt and lazy politicians (Espada, we’re looking at you) and won’t continue to drain our resources until we are so bankrupt and our credit rating is so shot that we have nothing left.