The Awesomeness Of A Little Roof Paint… Who Knew?

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Looking for that easy fix to prevent climate change? Here’s a no brainer that can make a big difference: white roof paint! What’s that? It’s a special coating with a high thermal mass and solar-reflective properties. In other words, it’s paint that keeps buildings cooler and lowers energy use, prevents roof damage, and traps less heat.

White roofs can make a big difference in the air temperature. That means a cooler city and climate change prevention. Here’s the story: What’s more? There is already momentum behind white roofs. President Obama supports them, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus) provides funding for green jobs including weatherization and initiatives like white roof painting that both create jobs and curb climate change. For example, go HERE to see a few of the energy efficiency initiatives funded by our city with stimulus funds. So why isn’t every roof white? We’d like to know that too. You can help us fix the problem. GO HERE TODAY.  Make a donation of time, money or knowledge.  You can be part of the paint-it-white-go-green movement!