The 7th NYC Wedding March

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Recently, several of my (smart, progressive, and compassionate) friends have expressed their oddly stern convictions that the issue of marriage equality is a marginal one at best. In these troubled times – two wars, downed economy, etc. – the right to marry, they say, doesn’t deserve the same level of attention as other issues on the Democratic agenda.  It’s interesting, though. Framed another way, the “right to marry” contains 1,138 individual rights (that’s according to the Department of Justice – their full, Bush-era report is worth a read, accessible here). It takes some serious mental work to overlook an injustice that big.

Luckily, an opportunity to show your support for the cause of equal rights is fast approaching. Even luckier is that it promises to actually be a good time.

That’s right: On Sunday, September 26th, Marriage Equality New York hosts its seventh annual Wedding March. The result of a partnership of over thirty organizations (including GLAAD, HRC, and, of course, Marriage Equality New York – the state’s largest marriage equality advocate organization), NYC’s March is one in a series of similar events happening that day as far away as California. Kirsten Gillibrand and Christine Quinn serve as honorary event sponsors, as do the painfully good-looking Cheyenne Jackson and Kandi Burruss (seriously. Google them).  Registration begins at 10AM in Foley Square Park, followed by a kick off rally at noon, and the actual march – from lower Manhattan all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge – at 1:00PM. Each participant (or group) shows up sporting a color of their choice, forming, during the march, a massive human rainbow. The March itself is short (just over a mile so no excuses on being tired from the night before), and is followed by a “Wedding Reception”/ community festival in Brooklyn with music, speakers, and food.

The event promises to be giant fun, and has the potential to send an important message to our elected officials about the import and urgency of marriage equality. MYD will be there, represented by the CASE Committee and (hopefully) you! Contact Heather Kalachman ( or Dan ( of CASE for more details and to register for the event. Or, for more general information, check

This post was written by Maddie, a member of the CASE Committee.  To join the committee, come to our next meeting on Mon. September 13th 7pm in Union Square or email