Thank You! Your Hard Work Made It Possible!

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Well, we got through it-with some scrapes and bruises, but also a few surprising and hard won victories.

In New York, we move forward with a Democratic Governor, Attorney General, and Comptroller; a trifecta that will make it possible to help those who need it most in New York and move the state  in a positive progressive direction.

The State Senate and State Assembly results were more of a mixed bag, which means that all New Yorkers will have to remain politically active to ensure that our government truly represents us. (Hint-MYD is already on it, so you can join us in doing that!)

But, since term limits passed overwhelmingly, at least those elected know that they are not just there to be there and need to do their work and move on.  So let’s not let up and be sure that the work they do is in the best interest of all New Yorkers.

On a very special note, MYD members and friends spent months supporting the David Carlucci, Tony Avella, and Gustavo Rivera campaigns.  We did it because we believe that these three Democrats will make a big difference in Albany.  And now, thanks to your hard work and your votes, they are headed to Albany as State Senators-and proving that young can really get it done!

Congratulations to David, Tony, Gustavo, and to all New Yorkers.

Thanks for making this election season count.  And, please, continue to join MYD as we work hard-even in the off season-to elevate politics in New York City, the state, and the country and pursue progressive change.  (BTW, we play pretty hard too).

For the whole rundown of election results, may I suggest WNYC’s interesting coverage.