TAKE ACTION: Vote Expected this Week on the Community Safety Act!

Take Action

Earlier today, the New York City Council voted on a rare Motion to Discharge, which allows a bill to be brought to the floor for a vote, even if the bill is voted down in committee.  The two bills in question are part of the Community Safety Act, which MYD voted to endorse last year and which is included in this year’s policy platform.

The End Discriminatory Policing Act (Intro 1080) and the NYPD Oversight Act (Intro 1079) aim to crack down on the abusive police practice of Stop and Frisk, by banning police profiling and establishing independent oversight of the NYPD.

The bills will be voted on later this week.  Please call your City Council Member and let them know that you support both of these bills!  You can find their contact info HERE.