Take Action: Reproductive Health & Comprehensive Contraception

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Members of the Manhattan Young Democrats’ Gender Equity Taskforce urge you to support S2796 and S3668, the Reproductive Health Ace and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act.  These bills protect women’s health in the State of New York, by codifying Roe v. Wade protections in state law and extending Affordable Care Act contraception benefits respectively, but have been blocked annually by Republicans in the State Senate.

One way to show your support is to write your State Senator!  To find your state senator and their contact information, go here.

See a sample letter to send here, copied below.

More on the RHA and CCCA:



Sample Letter

Dear Senator,

As a voter and constituent, I am writing in support of the Reproductive Health Act (S2796) and the Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act of 2017 (S3668). I believe we should update the New York state laws to represent what New York stands for today.

I believe S2796 and S3668’s access will improve health and welfare for New Yorkers by ensuring individuals have timely access to both contraception and the information they need to determine the right steps for themselves and their family.

It is vital we allow S2796 and S3668 to clarify outdated terms, expand protections for providers who work in reproductive health, and make contraception easily accessible to both men and women who are unable to obtain it otherwise.

With the federal administration’s focus on regressive reproductive rights policies, it is imperative we restructure New York State’s laws to update our almost 50 year-old abortion legislation and make sure that New York is a leader when it comes to abortion rights and access. Let us further demonstrate to the nation that New York stands up for an American’s basic right to accessible reproductive care.

I urge you to ask Senate leadership to bring the bills to the floor for a vote and to vote for S2796 and S3668 to protect health care for our most vulnerable. I will be watching the results of the vote and hope to see your support at that time.

Thank you,