T-Shirt Tracker Special Edition: OMG WTF MTA?

For Your Entertainment

Okay, so it’s not a “campaign” t-shirt per se, but I’m still tagging this post as part of our ongoing Campaign T-Shirt Tracker series.  Well played, Working Families Party…well played.  Via Gothamist:

The MTA may be able to keep the WFP from posting their parody posters in subway stations, but they can’t keep disgruntled straphangers everywhere from wearing these shirts! (Or can they?) The Working Families Party sent out an email to supporters saying, “This shirt expresses the reaction of so many New Yorkers to the MTA’s ever-worsening fare increases and service cuts — and it helps send a message to politicians in City Hall and Albany that they should be doing more to support transit riders.”

And technically, you don’t even have to buy it; just make a donation of at least $14 to the party and they’ll send one to you. Though it accurately uses the real colors for the F and soon-to-be-discontinued W line, they missed a huge opportunity by notusing the turquoise that will be featured on the forthcoming 2nd Avenue T line. Perhaps a veiled comment on how it may never actually exist?