Support for Obama Among His Base Remains Strong

Election 2012 // Learn Something

There are two interesting articles out today that point to a positive trend for President Obama’s reelection campaign.  First, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza reports that the President’s support among his base remains as stong as any recent President seeking reelection.

Although African Americans remain the base group most broadly supportive of Obama, liberals and Democrats are very much in his camp as well. In Gallup’s most recent data, Obama’s job approval rating stood at 78 percent among Democrats and 70 percent among liberals.

In addition to his strong support among African Americans, Benjy Sarlin reports that the President is also polling well among Hispanics:

An extensive survey of Latino voters by Univision this week showed Obama racking up similarly high margins against Mitt Romney (67-24), Rick Perry (68-21), and Herman Cain (65-22). The 2-1 ratio is roughly in line with Obama’s margin against John McCain in 2008.

With just less than a year until the next election, these trends are certainly welcome news to the President who will need to rally his base in this difficult economic atmosphere.