SUCCESS! Rep. Anthony Weiner and MYD, 4/7 event

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More than 200 young, progressive New Yorkers gathered on Wednesday to celebrate the passage of the Health Care reform bill. Our guest was none other than Congressman Anthony Weiner, one of the most outspoken leaders on this issue. The event was donned “THE BIG F—ING DEAL: Healthcare Q/A & Drinks Featuring Rep. Anthony Weiner” after Vice President Joe Biden’s tasteful remark.  Hosted by the Manhattan Young Democrats and co-sponsored by the Brooklyn Young Democrats, Queens County Young Democrats, Billionaires for Wealth Care,, ACT Now, the Young Invincibles, and Greater NYC for Change, the event was dedicated to thanking Congressman Weiner for his outstanding leadership over the last year.

“This was not the bill I would have written,” said Weiner, “but it is a good bill, it sets a good foundation, and it will be much easier to add what we want on top of it than if we didn’t have the bill to begin with.”

I would like to thank everyone for coming to our event with Congressman Anthony Weiner on Wednesday. By any measure, the event was truly a success, both substantively and symbolically. The fact that we had over 200 young people there, clapping and shouting for Rep. Anthony Weiner and his words, was awe inspiring.

There are photos from the event:

We’ll post complete video from the event soon.