Success on the East River Greenway!

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Last Wednesday, Mayor Bloomberg and a broad coalition of City and State elected officials announced that they had reached an agreement with the United Nations to fund the completion of the East River Greenway. As Senator Krueger, Assemblymember Kavanagh and Council Member Garodnick mentioned their joint press release, “this agreement has the potential to transform our community’s waterfront and parkland.”

This is a great victory for the MYD Transportation Committee! We have been campaigning for this project for the past few months. The agreement is both realistic in accommodating the needs of the UN and visionary for planning a reliable funding source to fill the gap in the East River Greenway.

Many articles and press releases in the past week have noted the importance of this project to complete a missing link for Manhattan’s East Side communities.

But in the long run, when the Greenway is completed, it really represents a potential continuous link and viable route to East Harlem and the Bronx from the core of the city.

As MYD member Yasmeen Parsley from East Harlem mentioned in her written testimony to the East Side Open Space Forum, “Imagine, if you will, an East River waterline that can rival the Hudson’s.  Businesses, dry docks, truly green spaces for trees and grass where people can rest and think about how they’re going to spend their money in the neighboring neighborhoods.”

We hope that this esplanade, when fully built, will revitalize all of the neighborhoods beside it from one end of the East Side to the other.