Submit Nominations for Young Gets It Done


MYD’s Young Gets It Done (YGID) is the premier Young Democrats event of the summer, and MYD’s largest event of the year. The event attracts over 300 young, active, and progressive supporters, as well as a myriad of elected officials.

Each year, YGID honors 5 leaders under 35 who have kicked ass, and made a successful contribution to our communities.

As YGID continues to establish itself as the marquee Young Democrats event of the summer, we thought it would be a great idea for our readers, members, and friends to submit nominations for this year’s Top 5 Leaders Under 35. All submissions are Anonymous (link below)

Submit your choice here:

Our past nominees have been:

2009: Lt. Dan Choi, Hon. Micah Kellner, Justin Krebs, Hon. Jessica Lappin, Hon. Daniel Squadron

2010: Hon. David Carlucci, P.J. Kim, Micah Lasher, Ari Melber, Hon. Jumaane Williams

2011: Marvin Bing, Natasha Dillon, Ava Farkas, Lincoln Restler, Jose Luis Zacatelco