Steps Towards Public Financing of Elections

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Public financing of elections allows those with less financial power to compete with the interests that that have brought much havoc to our state. The environment, for example, doesn’t have a multi-billion industry to support a candidate to speak on natures interest. Public financing of elections will allow good people with good ideas to compete against greedy people with bad ideas.

MYD co-signed a letter to Governor Cuomo to make this a focal issue in 2011. If you agree, support this grassroots action. Citizen Action of New York are circulating “New Year’s Resolution” cards that can be signed and sent to our representatives in Albany. It will only cost you 84-cents to send three postcards to the Governor, your Assemblymember, and your State Senator. The change that can come from this minor expense and few moments of your day can be monumental.

Also, if you can you attend the press conference this upcoming Monday, the 24th in Albany, with supportive Assembly members and organizations on the issue of public financing of elections, email for the details.