Stephen Spear, History Teacher, 35

Member of the Week

There is a lot of talk about “Leaving No Child Behind”, but when a teacher is given six classes of 30 kids each its hard to believe people mean it. If teachers are going to train this country’s next generation of leaders, scientists and economists and expect them to succeed, then the government needs to get a lot more serious about the way it invests in education.

So says Stephen Spear, an MYD member who moved to the city to become a teacher in 2002 and now teaches at Eleanor Roosevelt High School on 76th Street in Manhattan. He joined MYD in 2007 at the first bipartisan Kickball game–and was such a good Democrat that he decided to stick around, despite MYD’s loss in that match to the Young Republicans of NYC. (This despite our outnumbering them 30 to 8… some things, unfortunately, have not gotten better over the years).

Picture 1Stephen has always been interested in politics. He traveled to Cuba with Congressman Barney Frank while working for the Massachusetts State Legislature. But his coolest moment by far was randomly running into Bill Clinton. He writes of the former President, “He was the man.”

Stephen now spends his time with MYD as an indispensable member of the Environmental Committee, which has been making gains in awareness about a host of environmental issues (notably gas drilling in the city’s water supply) and working with groups like EANY and Sierra Club to influence policy through letter-writing campaigns and showing up to public hearings.

When he isn’t suffering the 6 train at 7:30AM on his morning commute, Stephen loves the city: “New York has got to be the most diverse city on earth…[there’s such a] huge number of people from all over the world that you have the opportunity to meet and get to know.” Meet Stephen and your fellow MYDers at our next monthly General Meeting, which will take place this coming Tuesday, Nov 17!