State Senate Update: Impounded

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From an email that hit my inbox earlier today from the New York Senate Dems, an update on the Oppenheimer, Thompson, and Johnson races:

Election Day saw the use of new voting machines in New York, and there were reports of significant problems at polling sites across the state.  As a result, thousands of legitimate votes cast on Election Day have yet to be counted.

These votes will determine which party controls the state senate and sets the agenda next year, and it is imperative that we ensure a full and fair process that results in an honest accounting of all votes cast.

  • In Westchester, Suzi Oppenheimer appears to have won and is ahead by several hundred votes.
  • In Long Island, Craig Johnson trails by a few hundred votes with thousands of absentee and provisional ballots yet to be counted.
  • In Buffalo, Antoine Thompson also trails by a few hundred votes with thousands more yet to be counted.

In Suffolk County, initial returns in some races have shown varying outcomes, underscoring the need for full and fair recounts.

This is confirmed by coverage from LoHud:

The state Board of Elections says the election results in 10 races across New York have been impounded by the courts because of the closeness of the contests.

The races include the three tight contests for the state Senate—the Buffalo seat held by Democrat Sen. Antoine Thompson, the Westchester seat held by Democrat Suzi Oppenheimer and the Long Island seat held by Craig Johnson.

Republicans are currently in the lead against Thompson and Johnson, while Oppenheimer is deadlocked against Republican Bob Cohen.

Also impounded is the results from the 25th Congressional District between Democratic Rep. Dan Maffei of Syracuse and his Republican challenger Ann Marie Buerkle, who holds a 684-vote lead.

Six tight Assembly races have also been impounded: Districts 1, 89, 96, 100, 109 and 121.

What impounds means is that the vote totals are now supervised by a judge. In the case of the state Senate races, it means absentee ballots will begin being counted tomorrow, as who is in the majority remains in the balance.