State Senate Coup Anniversary Celebration This Saturday – And What You Can Do Even If You Can’t Make It

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A year ago next week, Pedro Espado and Hiram Monserrate decided to support Republican control of the State Senate in what the AP called a “”parliamentary coup.” A week later, Mr. Monserrate switched his support back to the Democrats, but Pedro stuck with the republicans for a 31-31 split in the State Senate. For four more weeks he held the democratic caucus, the senate, and ultimately the state hostage, leading to “gridlock that was unparalleled even by Albany’s notoriously dysfunctional standards.” In the end, Pedro blackmailed the Democrats into making him Senate majority leader.

This has ended up par for the course. Pedro held up the democratic caucus for months in early 2009 refusing to vote for Malcolm Smith until he was named vice president of the Senate for Urban Policy and chairman of the Housing Construction and Community Development Committee. Pedro also¬†doesn’t live in his district. He is the subject of two civil lawsuits by Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo: one that claims Espada stole more than $14 million from health care clinics he founded, and the other claims that he radically underpaid janitors at his health clinics. The first suit also claims that Pedro spent $20,000 on sushi.

In honor of Pedro’s outstanding character, MYD has decided to visit his house (the real one in Mamaroneck) this weekend. You’re invited to an Anniversary Celebration of last year’s State Senate June Coup at the REAL home of corruption poster-boy and current State Senate Majority Leader, Pedro Espada Jr. It will be an afternoon of indictments, corruption, special interests, FREE sushi and FREE t-shirts in Mamaroneck.

The event is co-sponsored by:
Manhattan Young Democrats
New Roosevelt Initiative
Queens County Young Democrats
Citizen Action of New York
Reboot NY
Greater NYC For Change
Northwest Bronx for Change

Our free bus registration is now closed, but contact Emmy for help getting up to Mamaroneck: vp [at] goMYD [dot] com.

If you can’t come (well, also if you can), consider changing your Facebook profile pic to a Pedro photo for the next 48 hours as we head into the June 5 event! Above is our favorite.

Also, please share our video on Albany’s dysfunction:

Take Back New York from Manhattan Young Democrats on Vimeo.