State Pols Furlough Workers, Then Party


The State Senate and Assembly both passed another emergency budget bill yesterday which will keep the State running while they continue to not vote on an actual budget (which was due on April 1st).  However, this time the bill included a provision that, in an attempt to save money, will furlough about half of the State’s workforce for one day a week.

Of course, the legislators blame the Governor for forcing them into his horrible position, and the Gov blames the legislators for refusing to reach a budget deal.  Regardless of blame, any New Yorker would expect their elected officials to lock themselves in a room together and negotiate until they figure out a way end this mess.   So what did our beloved State Assembly do last night?  They held their annual Pilots and Rudders party to pat each other on the back and celebrate the spoils of incumbency.

Not only were our reps. singing karaoke  instead of working on the budget (thank goodness there is no video), but as Elizabeth Benjamin explains in her State of Politics Blog, the whole point of the fete is to laude those members who have won at least five elections.

This is just further proof that the top priority for those in office is to get elected over and over again.  As long as our elected officials continue to write laws and govern by rules that protect incumbents, the average New Yorker will continue to be left out of political process and in some cases out of a full time job.