Some Dems Sell Out to Telecom Industry

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I am certainly not an expert on the Internet, nor on the issue of Net Neutrality, but this Wall Street Journal article should give everyone reason for concern.

74 House Democrats have signed onto a letter that calls on the FCC to abandon efforts to regulate telecom companies and protect net neutrality.  What’s worse, 10 of those Democrats represent districts in New York.  Save the Internet has compiled a list of these Representatives, including the amount of money each has received in contributions from the telecom industry.

These are the New York Reps who have signed the letter:

Rep. Tim Bishop NY-01 D n/a (202) 225-3826
Rep. Gregory Meeks NY-06 D $66,000 (202) 225-3461
Rep. Joseph Crowley NY-07 D $55,000 (202) 225-3965
Rep. Ed Towns NY-10 D n/a (202) 225-5936
Rep. Yvette Clarke NY-11 D $15,000 (202) 225-6231
Rep. Michael McMahon NY-13 D $27,000 (202) 225-3371
Rep. Scott Murphy NY-20 D $17,000 (202) 225-5614
Rep. Bill Owens NY-23 D $3,000 (202) 225-4611
Rep. Michael Arcuri NY-24 D $30,000 (202) 225-3665
Rep. Daniel Maffei NY-25 D $29,000 (202) 225-3701

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