Showing Your True Colors

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Republican Bob Turner took the road of intolerance and hate mongering in his first campaign ad released this week attacking Park 51 – otherwise known as the Ground Zero Mosque –  equating Weprin’s support for a religious center as an insult to the memories of those tragically lost on 9/11. His goal of fueling racism among conservative voters in the 9th district to close a 6% gap now between him and Democrat David Weprin could not be more transparent. Watch the ad below:

Without going back over the atmosphere of vitriol created during the initial arguments over the downtown mosque debate, it is astonishing how Turner decides to use his precious campaign dollars and available time to communicate with voters on a project in lower Manhattan instead of issues in the actual community he is running for. Wouldn’t his time with voters better be spent on subjects like jobs, public infrastructure repair and homeowner and rental housing issues? In a district which include communities that serve as a home for people of Polish, Irish, Italian, Eastern European, Indian and Pakistani descent, celebrating faiths from across the spectrum – why would they choose someone who would rather talk about wedge issues that alienate an important part of the community instead of how to solve the issues they really need taken care off. You can tell a lot about a candidate based on what they decide to allow aired with their permission – Turner just showed his true colors with this ad.

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