“Sex, drugs and community boards?”

Learn Something // MYD Itself

Last year MYD’s Vice President Ahmed Tigani made a commitment to get more young people involved in their local community boards.  We even hosted a representative from the Borough President’s office who spoke to our members about applying for membership.

So imagine our delight to read this headline in today’s Politicker:

Stringer Adds Youngsters To Community Board

Earlier this year, Manhattan BP Scott Stringer announced a plan to infuse the stodgy community boards with new members in their 20?s and 30?s, and today he announced that half of the 82 new members of the community board fit that demographic.

Not only are there more young people on the Manhattan Community Boards than ever before, but we are proud to say that several MYD members were included in that list, including our Secretary, Cory Evans.

For more information about Community Boards, you can check out Borough President Stringer’s website.