Schumer To Giants: If You Are A NY Team, You Should Practice In NY

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The NY Giants organization had planned to discontinue their regular summer training at the University of Albany as soon as the practice facility adjacent to the new Meadowland Stadium was ready to go. The potential lose of this seasonal tourist staple has worried local business leaders and university officials who have been petitioning the team’s front office to reconsider.

Senator Schumer, a self described Giants loyalist, went so far as to call John Mara, the team owner, to discuss the merits of the Giant’s remaining at the SUNY campus. His office released this statement:

Holding the training camp in Albany is good for both the Giants’ morale and cohesion and the local economy.  What’s more, the training camp has become one of the favorite ways for Capital Region families to spend a summer day and, quite frankly, it is the Giants last physical link to New York State.

The New York Giants have been practicing at the University of Albany’s campus since the Dan Reeves era and the facility has benefited both the team and the region … Each year, thousands of fans come to the University of Albany’s campus to watch their Giants and pump money into the local economy … We’ve now got all of our New York teams training in Upstate and I’m committed to keeping it that way. Anything we can do to keep the fans and money pouring in is a score in my book.

According to the NFL insiders discussions between both the team and the school are looking good and it seems very likely that the team will be returning for another summer upstate.

Now Senator, is there anything your office can do to help us fix up the defense…