Save The Date: White Roof Project Launch Party!

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Ah, climate change. An issue that feels so overwhelming as to overwhelm our ability to take action. (Like our Senators — le sigh.) But regardless of whether you wanted a comprehensive federal climate change bill to pass this year or not, there are things we can do on a local level that make a meaningful, real impact on energy use in the city. And if you don’t believe us, well, just check out what our Nobel prize winning Energy Secretary has to say about the matter.

On Wednesday August 11th 7-11 PM at the 10 Degrees Wine Bar located at 121 St. Marks’ Place the Sierra Club and MYD will be unveiling a brand new website for our joint effort, the White Roof Project. The initiative takes caring about the environment to a whole new, local level — to the roofs you see outside of your tiny Manhattan apartment.

Here’s the story:

MYD’s Environmental Committee has committed to identifying nonprofit buildings with black roofs – and then painting those roofs an energy efficient, environmentally friendly white to reduce the amount of heat the roof absorbs, lower energy consumptions and costs, and reduce stress on the City electrical grid.

Recently MYD approached the Bowery Mission about participating in the White Roof Project. With MYD’s help, the Bowery Mission received a free roof inspection from the Community Environmental Center. Their roof is up to code and ready to paint — BUT paint costs money, and that is where we need your help. The Bowery Mission has more than 10,000 square feet of roof, and a roof that large needs a lot of paint!

This is where you can help us – by coming to our launch party fundraiser to help us raise $3,200!

Hear from speakers from Sierra Club, Environmental Advocates of New York, Manhattan Young Democrats and the Bowery Mission Center discuss why cool roofs are an important and effective way to help protect the environment — and save energy costs for NYC residents.

Paint it white!

Admission is $20. All proceeds go towards installing cool roofs on the five buildings of the Bowery Mission Center, a non-profit homeless shelter in lower Manhattan.

RSVP on Facebook. And contact Green Committee Chair Stephen Spear at green [at] gomyd [dot] com if you have any questions or to adopt a roof.