SATURDAY: Rally for Independent Redistricting Reform in Nassau County

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Please join the Manhattan Young Democrats’ Good Government Task Force and the New Roosevelt Initiative for a rally this Saturday in Nassau County to support independent redistricting reform in New York!  We will be rallying in front of Republican State Senator Jack Martins office, one of our elected officials who pledged last year to support independent redistricting reform.  We want to make sure he keeps his word!

This rally is important for two reasons: first, because we must hold our elected officials accountable for the pledges they make to the public during elections, and second, because we must take action now to reform the gerrymandered mess that is our state districts.

Over our lifetimes politicians in Albany have carved out ugly gerrymandered niches throughout our state to secure permanent seats in Albany.  The more secure politicians are in their seats, the less accountable they are to the public, and the less power we as constituents have to influence their decisions.  This must change.

For more information on how pervasive and dangerous this problem is to our state government, see the special series MYD recently did on redistricting.

If you would like to attend the rally, email Mike at

Facebook event HERE.