Sarah Palin’s Reality Show: The Best Thing to Happen in American Politics

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When Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiered on November 14 on TLC, groans could be heard all over America from the left and even from some on the right. The general sentiment was, “Oh geez, what is she up to now!?” Since the ’08 election Palin has been on a publicity rampage.  Speaking engagements, rallies, talk shows, books, and now reality television. What people didn’t realize is that her doing a reality show was the best thing that could ever happen to American politics.  On the day Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiered, I not only watched it, but I ‘fanned’ it on Facebook, blasted it on Twitter and encouraged my friends to do the same. They, of course, thought I was crazy. They were shocked that I was supporting her show, one exclaiming, “You MUST be joking!” I wasn’t.  It was strategic.  My answer was simply this:  Keep Sarah Palin in reality television and out of the White House.

As long as she stays on a reality show, it will almost guarantee she stays out of serious politics. Perhaps her image consultant failed to advise her that the general public doesn’t take people on reality shows very seriously. The Situation and Snooki from Jersey Shore are NOT popular because people admire them, they’re popular because people find the show absurd and laugh AT them, not with them.  Their value is entertainment, they know it and they’re raking in the dough for it. The fact is,  people love to watch these shows but they don’t put “reality stars” in the White House.  Sarah Palin, any way you want to dice it, is now a reality television actress. And it is truly a wonderful thing!

When I woke up and saw Mediaite’s headline: Overexposed Or Unelectable? CNN’s Poll Amongst Republican’s, Palin Falling Fast, before even reading the article, I knew her reality show was playing a major part in her political demise. Her own party is leaving her in the dust. As the article read:

…any attempts for Palin to be taken seriously through trips to Haiti or op-eds on Iran are overshadowed by her reality show and gaffe-filled Twitter behavior (including the controversy over Palin favoriting Hill’s own tweet).

It’s now painfully clear that her attempts to expose herself in every way, shape and form have backfired.  Let me make it clear,  I don’t  hate Sarah Palin.  She seems like a nice lady and obviously cares about her family and believes she is doing the right thing. She is certainly not a bad person by any means, but she does not belong in the White House as our president — that would be catastrophic. Suggestions that she would even be the GOP nominee are spine-tingling. I hope her previously devout supporters now realize this.

As long as we keep Sarah Palin on TLC, we keep her out of the White House.