Sampson Cares More About Yankees Than Job

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The Daily News reported this morning that John Sampson, the Democratic Majority Conference Leader, did not attend “crucial budget talks with Senate Dems on Sunday to host a lavish fund-raiser at Yankee Stadium.” I can’t say I’m shocked to hear that a State Senators doesn’t much care about the state, or his constituents. The Daily News continues:

So while Sampson’s colleagues sweated out the prospects of an unprecedented government shutdown, he scooped up $2,500 a head from 75 donors in a swank luxury suite – fattening his war chest by $187,500.

The fund-raiser had more than financial perks.

Sampson, the Senate Democratic conference leader, received a private tour of the Stadium before the Yanks completed their three-game sweep of the Houston Astros.

And he was rewarded with a pregame trip to the dugout, where he chatted up Yankee greats Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and CC Sabathia, his aides admitted.

“It was just something that the organization wanted to do for him to be hospitable,” said Josh Cherwin of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

Cherwin, who noted the cash bash was scheduled long in advance, said the campaign picked up the tab for the luxury suite and catering.

Sampson tried to pull off a political version of the double play, rushing to Albany after the game to make the 7p.m. Democratic budget summit.

He didn’t get to the state Capitol until 8:15 p.m. – and he never made it to the meeting.