Sam Hudis, Founder of Hunter College High School YDs, 18

Member of the Week

Sam’s Democratic adventure began one night last February, when he was feeling bored and partisan.

He clicked on

Which took him to the Young Democrats of America.

He learned his high school did not have a chapter.

So, he started one.

Pretty soon, he’d made MYD’s acquaintance through Scott Murphy’s NY20 campaign.

Unlike some of the “older” folks in MYD (read: 25 and up), Sam grew up under the reign of George W. Bush and has little recollection of previous presidents. W was nearly enough to turn a young man off politics for good. Luckily, a certain community organizer from Chicago came along:

I was extremely cynical about politics until President Obama won the Iowa Caucus on January 3rd, 2008. He seemed to stand for everything I believed in and wanted in a President, and for that reason I had assumed that he had no chance whatsoever. I was proven wrong that night, and ever since then I’ve taken a very close interest in politics.

Sam served as a delegate for New York at the YDA Convention in Chicago in August, and describes his experience there as his favorite with MYD thus far: “It was great to get to meet people my age from all around the country who were as interested in politics as I am.” Here he is with one of MYD’s awards:

Sam also ran for County Committee!

And yes, you read that correctly–he’s 18. (Awesome, right?) But that’s not keeping Sam from thinking about the big issues:

I am a Democrat because I believe in equality and in fairness. My main interest is in wealth disparity issues. Right now, this issue is one of the main components of the problems with healthcare, and one of the reasons we need reform. In a country as powerfull and wealthy as ours, it is inexcusable that the quality of treatment a sick person gets is tied to the size of their wallet.