Romney’s “Small Donors”

Election 2012

Last week, Mitt Romney’s campaign sent out a press release announcing, among other things, that “84% Of All Donations Received Through The End Of March Were $250 Or Less.”  Could it be that Romney is experiencing a groundswell of grassroots support from small donors around he country?  Turns out, not so much:

What the “84%” figure really means is that roughly 8 out of 10 checks received by the Romney campaign were $250 or less, not that 84% of the campaign’s total fundraising came from checks of that size. The press release says these donations have totaled $11.6, or 13% of the nearly $87M the campaign has raised so far.

I’m no expert, but this seems like it goes way beyond just massaging the facts.  I mean, it sounds like a blatant lie.  Clearly 84% of your donations did not come from small donors if it was only 13%, right?  As a comparison, the article points out that using that same metric, small donors accounted for 49% of President Obama’s fundraising.

Added pressure for Team Romney is that nearly two-thirds of his money is from supporters who have maxed out their contributions. Not only does the President hold a tremendous advantage in tapping small donors, but just 16% of his cash has come from those who have given the full $2,500.