Rolling Off the Election

MYD Officers 2014 // Uncategorized

I want to again say thank you to Ben Yee and the 2013 E-Board. Their leadership made 2013 a great year for MYD and sets a very high bar for 2014.

Thank you to those who showed up last night and congrats to my fellow Officers for 2014, Allison Kopf (Vice President), John Bartos (Treasurer) and Andrew Goldston (Secretary). There is a lot on our political plates and I know we all look forward to getting to work and ensuring the membership has fun this year.

In the words President Obama from last night, we are committed to “putting our collective shoulder to the wheel of progress.” Having seen the MYD membership in action over the years I know this is true. As your president I am here to serve you. I represent your interests, your ideas and your agenda.

As I mentioned last night there are 2 great ways to get involved: joining your local community board and applying to be a member of MYD’s board. I encourage you all to check out the 2 links as applications are due in 72 Hours.

Please share your ideas with me at and be sure to check the website regularly for updates and information about how to get involved.

I suspect it’s going to be a really awesome year!